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Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one of the most popular means of marketing employed by several fashion stores, music and movie retailers, restaurants etc. Bulk SMS can not only be used for advertising local businesses, but can be used for many purposes in Nigeria.


Bulk SMS


There are so many reasons why you should join us:

 Reasons to Buy Bulk SMS from Us

If you are searching frantically for the Best Bulk SMS in Nigeria, your search ends with us. Mentioned below are few of the reasons why you should choose us.


You will experience so many quality services that include the following:

  • The fast Bulk SMS delivery in Nigeria
  • The Cheapest Bulk SMS price @ 80kobo.
  • Easy ONLINE PAYMENT. You can buy units online with ATM card.
  • Scheduling messages is just a simple click without any hassle or worry.
  • Our customer support staff is efficient, reliable and ready to serve you 24/7. Feel free to contact us - at any time,
  • Setting up an account with us is very simple, just click on registration and provide your information
  • We can help you to make money from Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria by becoming a bulk sms reseller.
  • You send SMS text messages to individuals and groups from the internet
  • You can upload existing lists from your laptop notepad
  • View history of messages sent

With all these I know you will not hesitate to register for free




Register for Bulk SMS free


Registration at our Bulk SMS in Nigeria is just like ABC, very simple.

  • Just click Register or Create an account
  • Fill all your information and enter the captcha and click register,
  • Login to your account to activate.
  • After activation, Login and provide your phone number and date of birth (Just to send birthday greetings)
  • Finish.

After registration you will be given 2 free sms units to test the network.


GSM Database available to promote your business.

Call Us on our hotline: 08098600344/08125772070


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the use of bulk SMS services?

Bulks SMS can be used to send multiple messages for promoting your products & services, sending offers to the customers, etc.


Why can’t I login? I see invalid token.

When you see invalid token, just navigate to others pages and login again.


Why I mine seeing error 404 component not found?

You are seeing it because the last time you used it you did not log out. Just close it and open it again. But if you see this error while sending your messages, it means the format of your numbers is not correct.


How will I come to know that my message is delivered or not?

When it delivered to your phone, then you know that it has delivered. But if you want to know more you can let us know so that we can get your report and mail it to you.


Will the credit be refunded for the undelivered messages?

Yes, you will get refund if problem is from us. But if SPAM words or blocked words are used then it is your fault.


What is SPAM or Blocked words?

SPAM words or blocked words are many sent to us by network operators and international gateways. You can request for it or read it when you login under VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE. Some of those words include: million, millions, congratulations, congrats, promotion, promotions, you won etc.


What is a Sender ID?

Sender ID is nothing but the ID from which your SMS reaches the customer or recipient. Eg: Man of God. Your sender ID cannot and must not be more than 11 characters including space without signs characters.


At a time, the message can be sent to how many people?

User can send messages to 5,000 numbers at a time.


Can I schedule the SMS?

Yes, we have this facility in our online interface to schedule single/multiple SMS to deliver at particular time. When you click on compose message click on more options: Click on Schedule for delivery later, select year, month, date, hour and month.


How can I buy sms units or Credits? What's the Payment Method?

You can buy the SMS credits directly from when you login through voguepay.
You can also deposit cash into our bank accounts Method of Payment


Do you provide HTTP?

Yes, we provide HTTP API and details on how to integrate it with your software (or) web application. Check Bulk Sms API Gateway section for more details.


How Many Characters can my SMS Contain?

To make sure the long sms delivers as Single Message to the receiver, we suggest you use maximum of 459 Characters maximum per message. 
Note that SMS Counts will be charged based on the characters, as per Universal Standards. 
1 SMS: 160 Characters 
2 SMS: 153*2 = 306 Characters 
3 SMS: 153*3 = 459 Characters & so on.


Why is messages are not delivering to GLO network with phone numbers in the body of the message(s)?

GLO is blocking message with phone numbers, so let your numbers be in this format 080-0000-0000 or 080 0000 0000. Your messages will be delivered to all the recipients’ numbers.


How can we reach your support staff?

You can always contact us on 08098600344 or 08125772070



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